The Struggling Songwriter EP - Jason Cole

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A little background- I used to keep all of my songs in a shoebox under my bed. I was 40 years old before I began to slowly unpack them, exposing them to the dreaded light, and therefore, to the terrible gawkers that I had always imagined would somehow scoff them out of existence. But the funniest thing happened. They survived. They endured. They even somewhat conquered. Are they hit songs? Well no, not at all, not in the traditional sense. But they are heart songs- straight from my heart to yours, and to anyone else's who might take the time to hear these tunes for what they are worth. Just what are they worth? They are invaluable to me, because I embarked on this journey to bring my old songs to light, and new songs to bear, only after both of my parents died within the same year, back in 2010. Like I always say, "They were both writers, therefore I'm a writer". It's definitely in my DNA. And my big push towards "making something happen" with my music, has most certainly been in my parent's honor. Each of these songs has garnered me some kind of licensing or publishing deal. None of the deals are major, but all are legitimate, and I'm extremely proud of them. Now, I'll be honest, the struggle is real when it comes to getting your songs recorded, published, licensed, or heard. It takes time, money, inspiration, dedication, and even a willingness to recognize your own limitations, to move the ball forward even one tiny bit. And that's where I feel I'm at now. Maybe leaning ever so slightly forward, some old songs in tow. I reckon it could be worse. I could have just left them all in a shoebox... Jason Cole

Whats Included:

  • The Struggling Songwriter EP
  • The Struggling Songwriter EP Lyric Ebook
  • 1 fully produced Unreleased Song also written and performed by Jason Cole

Song List:

1. Squared Up, Headlong, And Gettin' Gone 03:15

2. Cant Find The Words 03:53

3. My Life 04:31


Released 2022-2023

Jason Cole: Vocals

Josh Bright: Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drums

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Josh Bright at Josh Bright Productions, Boaz, AL

All songs written by Jason Cole

All glory to GOD

Special thanks... Don Cole, Linda Emmalee

NOTE: This EP is Deluxe because of all the extra content. It is Limited in the sense that the Unreleased Song will possibly be released eventually.

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Full Download of Jason Cole's "The Struggling Songwriter EP" and Lyric Ebook PLUS Download of 1 fully produced Unreleased Song


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The Struggling Songwriter EP - Jason Cole

2 ratings
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